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School Ohmatdyt

Educational school NСSH "OKHMATDYT" for children of the Center "Treatment Clinics for Children with HIV/AIDS"

Initiator: NGO "Small Heart with Art"

Curator of the Educational School of NСSH "OKHMATDYT": Nataliia Moseychuk


Lack of a state educational program for sick children, who spends most of their lives in a hospital. "Treatment Clinics for Children with HIV / AIDS" is an important hospital department in Ukraine, where children in serious conditions undergo treatment from all over Ukraine, including children from the ATO area, orphans, and children from disadvantaged families. Due to the fact that children are in hospital for a long time, they are very much behind the level of knowledge from peers and even younger children. Therefore, we have created a program capable of solving this problem and give children a chance to become full members of society, not one of the most vulnerable and underprivileged social groups in Ukraine.

The uniqueness of the school

All children between the ages of 5 and 18 are engaged together, and each learns the information relevant to his/her age. Teachers prepare adapted, individualized tasks for children according to the ages of children.

The lessons are conducted in the form of a game, there is a system of motivation for learning (stars, hearts), according to which the best student of the month receives a prize that motivates a conscientious learning process.

Methods of submitting the material:

• Personal communication between children and teachers;

• Interactive game form of the material presentation;

• Each lesson is a separate topic;

• Material verification system - five questions on the topic at the end of each lesson;

• Tolerance in the assessment of knowledge - every point of view is interesting and important;

• Incentive system - a board of motivations for each student: instead of grades for their efforts, children receive stars that later help to realize small dreams - a prize for a certain number of asterisks.

Each teacher has a higher education diploma with the right to teach. Every year, teachers undergo a medical examination, do fluorography.

The learning is carried out in the following areas:

Ukrainian language

Ukrainian is the state language of our country, of which we can be proud. In a language competition in Italy it was recognized as the second melodic language (immediately after Italian); and it was acknowledged the third most beautiful language in the world (after French and Persian) in Paris in 1934, according to such criteria as phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology, and sentence structure. Speaking in your native language means to respect your people, to love your state. We sincerely believe in bringing up the little ones as young patriots. Then Ukraine will blossom.

History of Ukraine and the world

History teaches every person, based on universal values, to develop creatively and rethink critically the richness of the world on historical experience and learn its lessons, build on this basis your own beliefs, civic attitudes, skills and abilities necessary for practical activity. Knowledge of history is an important factor in social activism, patriotism education, and consolidation of masses, integration and mobilization for solving social problems.


Math is a queen of sciences; we use its laws and postulates on a daily basis. That is why it is necessary to study it with a small child. With solving simple and complex tasks, children not only learn to form, subtract, and multiply. They train their attention, concentration, willpower; slowly comprehend the foundations and structure of the modern world. Math educates the logical thinking that every person needs, regardless of its age, gender, profession or position in society, forms some peculiarities of thinking and influences the attitude to the world, promotes the development of spatial imagination. Every child becomes an adult, who needs to solve math problems every day. The simplest of them are checking a change in a store, being on time for a train departure, or getting a kilo of meat to cook dinner for ten people, counting calories in a dish, estimating a bulb life, choosing the amount of paints or wallpaper for a room repair and many others. Therefore, knowledge of math is required for our wards.


The importance of learning English is obvious, as it is an international language; knowing it, you open a lot of doors. For young people, this is the opportunity for development, work, travelling. And as they spend a lot of time in a hospital and skip school activities, they lose the opportunity to study the language regularly and effectively. Not all parents are able to hire a private tutor or give their child a language school. Therefore, we consider it as our duty to help children in learning English.

Lessons of health

At the lessons of health care, children learn to know themselves, their bodies, and take care of their own health. The gained knowledge helps the children properly organize their lives: dietary regime and quality of food, physical and mental capacities, as well as to be able to analyze the state of your health, if necessary, to orientate properly to get help. Unfortunately, even today there are people who do not even know, which doctor and on what occasion should be addressed. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and human hygiene eliminates this problem, which can prove to be extremely dangerous for health and even the lives of our wards.


Knowledge of the natural sciences, one of which is a biology, which combines zoology, botany, anatomy, is the knowledge of the surrounding world, in which we live, about the relationships of living beings. It is the knowledge of biological laws that gives children the understanding that everything in nature is interconnected. One cannot just destroy specie without damaging the entire system. This basic knowledge in biology is necessary in order to successfully orientate in the modern world and make the right choice, for example, in situations involving environmental pollution or own health.

Caring for garden

Caring for garden is a platform for working out the acquired knowledge at the lessons of biology. Planting the garden is a process, when children plant seedlings and seeds together with adults. Volunteers, showmen, and the press are invited to a grand opening of the garden. Most children spend most of their lives in the hospital, being forced into isolation from the outside world. Children are deprived of the simple joys of contemplation of nature and its phenomena, communication with adults.

All summer, under the guidance of a curator and teacher of biology, children look after plants, weed out and watering plants.

They are happy to harvest and admire self-grown vegetables in a variety of dishes.

Reading fairy tales (fairy-tale therapy)

A fairy tale in an accessible language that teaches children of life, talks about good and evil. It promotes the development of proper speech, imagination, and teaches empathy. Therefore, volunteers read fairy tales and encyclopedias, play and communicate with childкут, come on a regular basis.

Physical Culture

Apart from lessons and hospital manipulations, children play, fool around, some of them run back and forth along a corridor. The importance of doing sports (in our case, this is an adapted physical activity according to the state of health of children) is a good workout for a body, the ability to use those muscles that do not work in everyday life, to develop joints. Sporting activities positively affect the emotional state; contribute to the formation of the character. Therefore, we think it is right to help the children to form a love for sport and their bodies.

Master classes

The children in Okhmatdyt are opened to knowledge and always happy to learn something new.

Every week, volunteers will come to them and teach new skills. For example, play drums, sculpt clay, dance, and produce a variety of handmade things and many other exciting amenities.

The School Okhmatdyt, which has been started by Small Heart with Art, can be taken as an example and created by similar ones in hospitals, specialized departments throughout the territory of Ukraine. We will create a manual with approved lesson plans and materials to them. Also, a training for volunteer teachers and a methodical guide with recommendations on how to conduct classes in a hospital, how to find an approach to children under treatment will be developed.

We are ready to share our experiences for the full development of children, their interest in learning and their own future.