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Volunteers Have Announced a Creative Competition on Painting of the Building of HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt

On April 14 in Ohmatdyt clinic the press briefing of the international art competition of the help to little patients with difficult diagnoses, initiated by volunteers of the Small Heart with Art organization, was held.

Within the competition throughout Ukraine receipt of the applications for participation in the international competition for artists on painting of a building face of HIV-positive people and AIDS-infected children unit. At a press conference organizers have told that about fifty applications, among which there are many eminent artists, were submitted at the moment. Reception of competitive works will end on May 1, and winners who will be engaged in transformation of an exterior of the building No. 15 and adjacent territories of unit of HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children of Ohmatdyt clinic, will be declared on June 1.

"I want that children were surrounded by the fairy tale, that they believed in miracles. We wish that artists have paid the attention not only to the building, but also to a view from the window - sometimes these children have to see the world for a long time only through a window of hospital", Voladymyr Zhovtyak, the President of the East Europe and Central Asia Union of People living with HIV, says.

The assistant manager of Unit of HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children, Oksana Soldatenkova and the chief physician of Ohmatdyt clinic, Yury Gladush, have thanked volunteers of Small Heart with Art for an initiative to hold an art competition and to transform the building of HIV unit of clinic. 

"Esthetic education, idea of beauty, is put at early age. Children of the building No. 15 can't visit the museums, galleries, exhibitions. Small Heart with Art together with artists come to see children for a year, play with them, draw, mold. In their desires and aspirations, they are little or no different from children on that side of clinic. By means of art we want to create similarity of house heat and a cosiness for them, to teach them to see beauty, to develop their talents, to acquaint them with the world of beauty. For artists - it is an opportunity to take part in creation of the unique environment, to realize the interesting project and to help children to distract from diseases", - the Chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization Evgenia Smirnova, says.