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Volunteers of Small Heart with Art Have Made a Resonant Social Experiment in Kyiv

Volunteers of Small Heart with Art public organization have shot the video during the social experiment "I have HIV" in the Kyiv park of Taras Shevchenko.
The girl with the positive HIV status Yana Panfilova has spent day in the park with the poster " I have HIV. Embrace, support!". Volunteers fixed reaction of passersby on video on the basis of what the video "Touch" has been created.
The main task of a social experiment – to break down the settled negative stereotypes about HIV-positive people and the attitude towards them.
After the publication in social networks video has evoked a wide response and for short term the video shot by volunteers of Small Heart with Art has gained more than 1,5 million viewings and more than three hundred publications in the leading media of Ukraine.
The idea of a video creation "Touch" belongs to the chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization Evgenia Smirnova. Next people worked on creation of a roller "Touch": direction and film editing – Igor Petrov, drone the pilot – Evgeny Sakhno, sound – Alexander Dyachenko.