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The Educational Project for Patients of Ohmatdyt Is Presented

On the eve of Children's Day in Ohmatdyt clinic the presentation of the educational program for HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children developed by Small Heart with Art public organization and MAXUS charity foundation, was held.

"To make repair, to improve the territory, to transfer drugs ‒ all this only one side of the issue. It is necessary to fight not only for health of children, but also their psychological state, moral spirit, especially, when it comes about little patients from dysfunctional families, orphanages. In the absence of the state educational program for children who carry out the most part of life in hospital, the new project is designed not only to broaden horizons, but, the main thing, ‒ to present open communication with the outside world to kids, to help overcoming a social barrier and isolation, to give an incentive to fight for their life", - Evgenia Smirnova, the head of Small Heart with Art public organization, says.

The training program prepared by experts of MAXUS and Small Heart with Art fund includes studying of history of the countries, cultures and the people, conversational English, the Ukrainian literature, botany, fundamentals of physics and chemistry. Also the course of special medicine, designed to give the correct psychological spirit on fight against diseases, is offered to children.

At the same time in the course of the project preparation organizers leaned, first of all, on the progressive methods of material supply, constructed on interactive playful way, which makes it possible to carry away children, to interest in process of training and obtaining result. Also the system of encouragement is introduced: efforts of pupils are noted by special signs - having collected their certain quantity, the child has an opportunity to realize his (her) little dream.