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Plates of Gratitude Have Appeared in Ohmatdyt

On the central entrance of the building of Ohmatdyt clinic HIV unit volunteers of Small Heart with Art have established plates of gratitude to the companies and patrons participating under repair and warming of the treatment building No. 15. 

On an entrance to HIV unit gratitude to the Maxus International Corp companies. in Ukraine, Same, Ceresit, "Henkel Bautechnik" (Ukraine), Kompozit Ukraine, "Metaleva Pokrivlya"; to the international organizations UNICEF,ECUO of PLWH, Fund of Elena Pinchuk "ANTISPID"; to information partners of Forbes of Ukraine, Focus, Depo, "Delovaya Stolitsa", Studio of the Advertising "Uspekh Print", and also to Vladimir Zhovtyak, Tatyana Smirnova and Yulia Laskarzhevskaya, are hung out.

" With installation of plates of gratitude we express the respect and gratitude for support, active help, understanding and for an opportunity to carry out together one big good deed! As a result, the children with the HIV-positive status, received medical treatment, have carried out last winter already in the warm and cozy building of the treatment building ", - the Chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization, Evgenia Smirnova, says.

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