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Patients of Ohmatdyt Have Begun to Correspond with Angels

Upon an initiative of Small Heart with Art the social project "Letters of Angel" is implemented in HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt clinic.

Volunteers have appealed to the public to enter into a correspondence to HIV-positive children that they have felt the importance and care from absolutely strangers.

During the whole summer children actively corresponded with their peers and adults.

"At first children were surprised the first letter, wrote back and when received the next letter, already with interest have plunged into correspondence process, and then looked forward fresh mail. Correspondence has captured not only little patients, as well as adults who wrote them. Then children have even received gifts from them by mail – there were so much that it was enough for children of all HIV Unit. For children this correspondence became important and useful experience of practical communication with adults who have wide life experience. Besides children learn to appreciate communication and attention of other people to them. During communication children have felt their value, they are necessary not only to their parents and family, as well as to other people", - the curator of training programs of Small Heart with Art public organization Lyudmila Sokur tells.