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Volunteers Have Collected Hygiene Kits for Patients of Ohmatdyt

At the initiative of Small Heart with Art the annual stock of hygiene kits of prime necessity is created for again arriving patients of HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt clinic.

"Since August our organization has begun to collect hygienic kits of prime necessity for HIV unit of Ohmatdyt. This idea has arisen for a reason: within a year about 178 children are under medical treatment in unit, 70% - from dysfunctional families or orphanages.

This year the five-year-old boy came into the unit, and he didn't know what is a toothbrush because he has never had it. This little boy has arrived from orphanage, and he didn't have clean set of underwear, a towel and other necessary hygiene products. We have begun to inspect this problem, and it has become clear that the children coming to unit on treatment who don’t have personal care products are in a majority. We have consulted to doctors, and have decided to create sets in which we have included all the most necessary that careful mothers would collect to her kid in hospital. Annual requirement of unit for such sets makes about 120 sets. And we have set as an object to get them by December 1, and we are glad that have coped with the objective! Now, when the tot comes to unit, he is handed a package from draft paper with all the things needed. Sets are stored at social workers and the senior nurse of HIV unit, in the special magazine account of their distribution is kept. Of course, it is difficult to believe in it, but some kids, thanks to these packages, have got the first in life toothbrush or a personal cup ", - the Chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization, Evgenia Smirnova, tells.

Small Heart with Art public organization thanks all volunteers and friends who have helped to transfer 120 hygiene kits to HIV unit of Ohmatdyt!


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