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Volunteers Have Created Christmas Decorations for HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt

At the initiative of Small Heart with Art volunteers have festively decorated HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt Clinic to the New Year's and Christmas holidays.

During the master class of professional and practical floristics school "Mazhorel-class" several tens of coniferous compositions, which decorated HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt on the eve of holidays, have been created. 

"The holiday is coming up, the New Year's fairy tale begins. On the eve of Saint Nicholas’ Day our ward HIV Unit of Ohmatdyt has fantastically changed in one evening - now it was filled with aroma of needles, cinnamon and citrus. You don't imagine delight of children when we have brought decorations from natural needles to Unit.

All Sunday we worked at a master class and created coniferous compositions, garlands and wreaths, and now they create the festive atmosphere in Ohmatdyt.

Today I want to thank for a holiday miracle of all persons involved. Remarkable fir-tree garlands and wreaths, fantastic fir-trees have changed both medical unit, and personnel, and little patients and also their parents.

Many thanks go to Natalia Voitenko that she provided materials for our creativity and have taught to create such incredibly beautiful Christmas decorations.

The first impression of children when we have brought needles, - it was a delight, children actively helped to hang out wreaths, and they have decorated the noble white beauty fir-tree, without our help. Friends, thanks to you, the belief in good and miracles gets stronger at our children in ward. Many thanks to you!", - the chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization, Evgenia Smirnova, has shared impressions in her blog.

The New Year's fairy tale of Small Heart with Art only begins, our Secret Santa already prepares gifts to kids.


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