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Doctor Laughter Has Appeared in “Ohmatdyt” Hospital

In “Ohmatdyt” children's hospital thanks to volunteers Small Heart with Art public organization and 1+1 TV channel the new position - the hospital clown has appeared. During a charitable telethon "Fulfil a dream" which has been organized by 1+1 TV channel funds has raised, which are enough on annual compensation of the hospital clown in “Ohmatdyt” clinic.

Their fundamental obligation - to accompany sick children on procedures, helping to endure this disease process.

"Some time ago representatives of a TV show “Breakfast With 1+1” have addressed me and have suggested to help to realize a dream someone from our kids in ward of HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt”. Usually in teleprojects meetings with idols, to which both children, and adults are madly glad, are organized. But it seemed to us that such authoritative and powerful media resource as 1+1 would be more relevant to use to the solution of important questions, which is not in power to little volunteer groups such as our Small Heart with Art organization. We have suggested the teleproject to raise funds for financing of such option as hospital clowns. It is not the entertaining project as can seem to someone at first sight. Hospital clowns solve important psychological problems of the children who are on treatment in clinics. They destroy barriers in communication with physicians, do them confidential, and change the relation of kids to painful procedures. The hospital clown – is the only one in medical process to which the child can tell: "No", and this refusal will be heard. For the little person with big character it is very important be listened to, especially at those moments when he (she) is defenseless. I am happy that our idea has inspired1+1, and during a charitable telethon they collected 145 thousand in order that little patients of “Ohmatdyt” have “Doctor Laughter”. As a result of a marathon more than 600 thousand hryvnias are collected.

This news would please very much a chief of department of HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt” Svetlana Komar who dreamed that hospital clowns have appeared in clinic. It is a pity, she hasn't lived up to this point", - the chairman of the board of public organization Small Heart with Art, Evgenia Smirnova, has written in her blog.

Natalya Bordzilovskaya became one of the first hospital clowns, she works in “Ohmatdyt” within a month. Children love her very much and call her as Doctor Laughter or Doctor Sonya. She has thought up this pseudonym by herself that it was easy for kids to remember and to make it sound cheerfully.

"My working day begins with the choice of a clownish nose. Children don't recognize me without it. If I forget to dress, they remind", - Natalya says.

Bordzilovsky is psychologist by training. Also she is a member of the volunteer organization "Hospital Clowns". When she was offered full-time employment in children's hospital, she agreed without a second thought.

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