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Patients of “Ohmatdyt” Have Received New Year's Gifts from Secret Santa

24 kids who have remained on treatment in HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt clinic” for New Year's holidays have received Secret Santa gifts.

Volunteers of Small Heart with Art organization together with psychologists found out from children what they dream of and what gift they would like to receive for the New year. At the following stage volunteers looked for the philanthropist who is ready to become Secret Santa and to fulfill a children's dream.

"Today our Secret Santa has brought the 24th gift to our ward HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt”. The beautiful small pillow in the shape of heart with huge impatience was waited by the little princess who has recently lost mother. The baby has asked for Secret Santa that mother always will be with her. The gift hasn't not long in coming - now she has a small pillow in the form of heart with the embroidered word "Mother". She will be able to entrust this soft heart and the guardian angel all her dreams and secrets", - Chairman of the Board of Public Organization Small Heart with Art, Evgenia Smirnova, have written in her blog.

By New Year's and Christmas holidays, thanks to volunteers, the library of children's books has been filled up and the HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt” clinic is festively decorated.