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Patients of “Ohmatdyt” Have Celebrated Children's Day on a Vegetable Patch with TV Presenter of "1+1"

On June 1 volunteers of the Small Heart with Art organization together with popular musicians, artists, architects, journalists and public activists have created vegetable patch for patients of “Ohmatdyt”. Children who will look after then plants participated in planting of plants together with star volunteers. A vegetable patch in ”Ohmatdyt” will become the practical platform for class with teachers within the educational program which is realized the second year by Small Heart with Art volunteer group.
"It is very important project for us. It helps socialization and training of the children who receive medical treatment in “Ohmatdyt”, gives them knowledge and practical skills. It is already the second season, and we are very happy that we've got reliable partners – “Breakfast With 1+1”.
Children from all units of “Ohmatdyt” will gather on a vegetable patch twice a week. The teacher will come to them and tell how plants develop. Each tot who plants a vegetable patch today has "ward" now, he (she) will look after him and when he (she) is discharged from hospital, will pass the baton to his (her) friend that he (she) watered and looked after his (her) plant", – the head of public organization Small Heart with Art Evgenia Smirnova tells.
Volunteers and patients of “Ohmatdyt” were most of all impressed by creative group of a morning TV show “Breakfast With 1+1”, which has arrived to creation of a vegetable patch with saplings and books.
"I have a pleasant impression from this action, certainly my soul and heart hurts that these children were just in the eyes all healthy at once, but it is process of life, it's only a matter of time. I have met the young acquaintance Karina from toxicology unit who actually lives in hospital for 5 years. She has a little dream to get into hometown, and to become model. And I hope that everything will be good with her, but nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize that her life can't be out of hospital yet", - the leader of the show “Breakfast With 1+1” Lyudmila Barbir has told.
This year popular musicians, journalists, artists and public activists helped to create a vegetable patch in “Ohmatdyt”: Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Olena Voychenko, Dmytro Shurov, Lev Shurov, Olexiy Ivanyuk, Natalya Korf-Ivanyuk, Ruslan Senichkin, Natalya Podlesnaja, Lyudmyla Barbir, Alina Gold, Ksenia Shatokhina, Anna Gapko, Oksana Korchinska, Victoria Kiose, Tetiana Kabalska, Inna Gavrilova, Ihor Ivanov, Solmaz Fulad, Lyudmyla Sokur and Evgenia Smirnova.
A vegetable patch in “Ohmatdyt” is the first stage of the educational program which is realized by Small Heart with Art public organization. Already in the middle of June, volunteers will transform it to school which will function on the basis of HIV unit of “Ohmatdyt”.
In autumn Small Heart with Art plans to release a charitable franchise, for volunteer associations that schools have appeared in hospitals across all Ukraine.