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Inhabitants of Kiev Will Be Again Tested for HIV on Independence Day of Ukraine

On August 24 in Kyiv at "Pechersk vernissagе" the volunteer organizations together with health workers will deploy the mobile complex express testing for HIV within the framework of the campaign "Independence Begins with Health".

Free fast tests for HIV, the second year in a row are initiated by Small Heart with Art public organization in cooperation with Pechersk administration of the capital.

"By conducting testing for HIV during the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine we place emphases on two aspects: society should pay due attention that in the country HIV / AIDS epidemic continues and it is threat to public health and the second moment - testing becomes more available, both instant testings, and laboratory. If HIV comes to light at the early stages, and antiretroviral therapy begins in time, then HIV-positive don't transmit the virus to other people, and women give birth to healthy children. For the last thirty years, from 1987 to 2017, 51 358 HIV-positive tots were born in Ukraine, they could be healthy if mothers were tested in time, and have received treatment. We carry out a campaign on testing for a second year, last time during "Pechersk vernissagе" two HIV-positive have been revealed ", - the Chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization, Evgenia Smirnova says.

The mobile complex of express testing for HIV will work at "Pechersk vernissagе" (on Ivan Mazepa Street from the Theatrical metro station to Salut hotel) from 11:30 p.m to 06:00 p.m. Psychologists-consultants will work together with professional physicians in it.

"Most of people at any stage of their life have certain experience of "risky behavior" therefore the test for HIV should be carried out by everything. It is necessary to know your status to be quiet to lead further an unhazardous life. If the person learns in time that he (she) is HIV-positive, then he (she) will receive necessary antiretroviral treatment in the medical centers, and it will give him (her) the chance to lead healthy and active life. To stop HIV epidemic, it is necessary, first of all, to treat humanely those who already have the positive status, to motivate people that they were tested in time and to make available high-quality treatment. If people start treatment in time, lower virus loading, then HIV isn't transmitted to other people and isn’t developed to AIDS stage. "Independence begins with health" is not just the slogan of a campaign, it has to become a way of life in the modern world", - the President of the East Europe and Central Asia Union of the people living with HIV Vladimir Zhovtyak says.

Volunteers of the Small Heart with Art organization during "Pechersk vernissagе" together with theis partners will hold creative master classes for children and parents.

The express testing for HIV has become possible thanks to assistance from ECUO of PLWH, Club "Eney", Trans-Atlantic Medical Relief Foundation, Pechersk regional public administration of Kyiv, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5, Consortium of key communities of Ukraine, Bogdan-Auto Kyiv company.