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Volunteers Have Opened School in “Ohmatdyt”

On June 20 in the HIV Unit of “Ohmatdyt” clinic Small Heart with Art volunteer organization has opened school for children who receive medical treatment a long time.
At new school teachers-volunteers will conduct lessons five times a week, for the last year they tested and improved the unique educational program under hospital specifics.
"Work on creation of “Ohmatdyt School” is conducted for two years. And, at last, the educational class updated by volunteers, has opened its doors. The children who receive medical long-term treatment in hospital drop out of educational process. It doesn't become simple for them to catch up with the program and not all parents have an opportunity to employ the tutor. We had a difficult task - tots of different age, the different duration of stay in medical institution, the level of knowledge and speed of information understanding is caused by specific features. These are not all problems which we had faced. We experimented with various educational approaches, innovative models of training. In autumn we plan to release a textbook of methods which volunteer associations will be able to apply to creation of schools at medical institutions. It is a "turnkey" social franchize: plans of lessons, necessary documentation, also we will provide consultations", - the chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art volunteer organization, Evgenia Smirnova, says.
Start of volunteer school in hospital is the unique project not only for Ukraine, but also all region of countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
"An initiative of Small Heart with Art of continuous training of the children who are in hospital long time - very correct and necessary step which provides to children the right to education.
It is fine practice and unique experience which needs to be introduced across all Ukraine and in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. I should also like to note that in this concrete case the value of the work carried out by volunteers is extremely big. Unfortunately, it is unpopular, but big and necessary business", - the President of the international network "People living with HIV" Vladimir Zhovtyak comments.
Volunteers from Azerbaijan have arrived in Kiev to study unique experience of school creation in hospital.
“Ohmatdyt School” project is unique and has big prospects for its distribution not only in Ukraine. In Azerbaijan, unfortunately, we still don’t educational programs for the children treated for HIV in clinics. Unambiguously such experience should be studied and realized in other places", - the chairman of public organization on fight against HIV/AIDS from Azerbaijan, Nofel Sharifov says.
The popular leader of 1+1 channel Natalya Moseychuk became the curator of the educational program of “Ohmatdyt School”.
"It is necessary to involve officials from the Ministry of Education to this project, they have to see this problem. Yes, now it is solved by volunteers, but this is the case of officials of the Ministry of education, and let they do their job. The official of the Ministry of Education has to solve a problem of lack of rates to teachers who come to hospital", - the curator of “Ohmatdyt School”, TV presenter of "TSN", Natalya Moseychuk says.
Together with start of an educational class, in HIV Unit of “Ohmatdyt” a library has appeared for which thousands of books were collected by the Yakaboo company during "the Book Arsenal" which passed in Kyiv at the end of May.
"Yakaboo company together with the International festival "Book Arsenal" initiated collecting books to support the initiative of volunteers of Small Heart with Art of creation of a class and library for the children who receive medical treatment at HIV Unit of “Ohmatdyt”. The result exceeded all expectations. Thanking unindifference of our clients, it was succeeded to collect nearly 1000 books. Our company is glad to be useful in such important issue - the help and formation of vulnerable category of society. We are sure that good books will calm and will become good friends", - Ivan Bogdan, the CEO of the Yakaboo company, is convinced.

About hundred volunteers have taken part in creation of an educational class in “Ohmatdyt” and also representatives of large and small business who have helped to make repair of the room and to equip it, have been involved.
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