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The Ukrainian Artists Will Break Down Stereotypes about HIV-Positive People

On December 1 in Kyiv the Positive Life welfare campaign will start, within which the exhibition of works of the Ukrainian artists regarding HIV/AIDS will open.

The East Europe and Central Asia Union of the people living with HIV, Small Heart With Art public organization and America House Kyiv realize the project. 

The purpose of the “B POSITIVE” exhibition - to show support and solidarity to the people living with HIV in Ukraine and also overcoming of public stereotypes about HIV-positive people. 

"Positivity – means good, openness, love, acceptance, peace in the world. All this takes place to be in life of HIV-positive people which, unfortunately, is represented mainly in gloomy paints for society, is shrouded in stereotypes and prejudices. We are full of optimism to save society from conjectures which stigmatize and discriminate HIV-positive people. I am not a fan of the chariot of artworks wandering from one exhibition on another. We will present the works specially created for our project" – Evgenia Smirnova, the author of the Positive Life project, says.

Applications for participation in the “B POSITIVE” exhibition are accepted till October 15.

B POSITIVE” exhibition will be based on a competition for the Ukrainian artists. Works have to be created directly for the project and concern HIV/AIDS problems in Ukraine. Works of the selected candidates will be presented at a final exhibition in Kyiv in gallery of the American house on December 1 - in World AIDS Day. The winner will have an opportunity to hold a personal exhibition in the American house.

Within the project film representations, lectures and public discussions regarding HIV/AIDS will also take place.

From the moment of virus detection in 1984, more than 35 million people have died of HIV or AIDS that became one of the most destructive pandemics in the history of mankind. For today in Ukraine 43 255 death from AIDS are registered, and 54 persons are infected with HIV/AIDS every day.

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