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Volunteers Motivate Yard-Keepers of Kyiv to Reveal the Used Syringes

The public organization Small Heart with Art, ECUO of PLWH  and Club "Eney" in cooperation with Pechersk Administration of Kyiv 

have carried out a campaign of identification dangerous places where there are syringes used by the drugs consumers.

"The Small Heart with Art organization for a number of years closely cooperates with Administration of the Pechersk district of Kyiv, and volunteers had had an idea to acquaint yard-keepers with identification of the used syringes, in return I have suggested to encourage the most responsible, and have bought the smartphone for the best of the best.

In turn Club "Eney" has prepared for employees of public utilities service provider a lecture with information how to act when contacting with potentially dangerous tools and the general, but very important data about HIV/AIDS.

The result was not slow to arrive – yard-keepers actively fixed on a photo the places of the used syringes existence.

It would be prudent to install there special ballot boxes in which drug user will throw out the used syringes - not "under legs" to children and yard-keepers, and in specially allotted places. This question, of course, needs to be settled with police", - the President of ECUO of PLWH Volodymyr Zhovtyak has written in his blog.  

In the framework of the concerted campaign of volunteers and yard-keepers 15 potentially dangerous places of a congestion of the used syringes are revealed in Pechersk district.

26 employees of public utilities service provider have undergone express testing for HIV, all of them have confirmed the negative status.

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