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HIV Epidemic in Ukraine Became a Problem of Safe Segments of the Population

On August 24, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, the volunteer organization Small Heart with Art has carried out in Kyiv the campaign "Independence Begins with Health" during which express testing for HIV was carried out.

In the mobile complex working at "Pechersk vernissagе" 111 people were tested.

The main task of a campaign - drawing attention of the state and the public to importance of testing for HIV, in a situation when in Ukraine epidemic continues, and there isn’t effectively national program of prevention and detection of HIV in the country.

Experts accent that epidemic of HIV has gone beyond vulnerable groups, and became also threat to public health.

"Today most of the HIV-positive people for the first time revealed are already safe segments of the population - office workers, housewives, managers, drivers - it can be anyone who surrounds us in everyday life. These people are sure, that they can never have an infection therefore they don't hold testing timely, and HIV is detected at a late stage. And then it is already very heavy to manage to make something because during progressing of the HIV infection passing into AIDS stage serious associated diseases begin to appear in person", - the President of ECUO of PLWH Vladimir Zhovtyak says.

According to official figures the Center of public health of Ministry of Health Care, in 2016 17 100 new cases of HIV infection have been registered in Ukraine. From 1987 to 2017 306 914 HIV-positive people are revealed, every day 7 people die from AIDS in the country.

The campaign of express testing for HIV "Independence begins with health" is held the second year in a row by volunteers of the Small Heart with Art organization, thanks to assistance of ECUO of PLWH, Club "Eney", Trans-Atlantic Medical Relief Foundation, Pechersk regional public administration of Kyiv, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5, Consortium of key communities of Ukraine, Bogdan-Auto Kiev company.