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Volunteers Urge to Create Schools in Children's Hospitals of Ukraine

On October 19 in a live talk show Right for the Power of 1+1 channel the head of Small Heart with Art public organization Evgenia Smirnova has appealed to create schools in regional children's hospitals that the children who receive medical treatment could exercise constitutional right on education.
The Small Heart with Art organization with assistance of partners and volunteers realizes the educational programs in the HIV Unit of “Ohmatdyt” clinic for a second year, and in June, 2017 has opened an educational class.
"More than three years we help clinic and the HIV Unit of “Ohmatdyt” with drugs which aren't bought by the state, we provide with hygiene kits of prime necessity, bedding, household chemicals, and have even carried out warming of office that children don't freeze during cold weather. And it became immediately obvious to us that the school is also extremely necessary for our wards! Many of them long time are on treatment, and can't continue training long.
In our trust HIV Unit there is a girl who receives medical treatment more than eight years and only thanks to volunteers has learned to write and read! Within two weeks after hospitalization teachers from comprehensive school had to come to her, but our education systems and health care are so lifeless and inefficient that they can't construct effective communications for ensuring constitutional right of children on education! In medical institutions it is widely accepted that training of patients is on the liability of the Ministry of Education, and the last don't deny it, but also don't take specific actions that children could study in hospitals. We repeatedly addressed to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the offer of cooperation, and creation of teaching methodology in hospitals, but business hasn't moved further empty promises of officials.
Our officials have too calmed down that thanks to volunteers, a large number of problems is solved, but the public sector for these years has very strongly changed – we aren't going to substitute activity of state structures on which we deduct taxes. We will demand to effectively and qualitatively perform the work of officials of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health", - Evgenia Smirnova has written in her blog.