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The Union of Parents of "East Europe and Central Asia Union of PLWH" Has Addressed for Assistance the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan cases of groundless refusal in disability assignment to HIV-positive children have become frequent that leads to restriction of equal access to basic standards of social services for all children affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. In connection with current situation the Parents Union of ECUO of PLWH has officially appealed to the Prime minister of Kazakhstan Baktyzhan Sagintayev to take under personal control this situation which solution is possible on successful experience of the Southern Kazakhstan area where children diagnosed HIV-positive shall automatically be considered as disabled people up to the age of 16 years - regardless of ways of infection, disease state and the place of residence.

"In Kazakhstan parents and trustees officially address to medico-social examination (MSE) services and to the Ministries of Health and Social Affairs where they are being denied disability assignment to children with the HIV infection diagnosis. Doctors have one verdict: "Documents are studied. The child is internally examined, at the time of examination data for disability aren't present", and this is despite the pathological state caused by lifelong use of the strong medicines appointed to the child with HIV, demanding long therapeutic correction in the absence of data of recovery! As a result, our children have no access to social and rehabilitation services, including also many of those who are at the last IV stage of a disease (AIDS). Therefore we have sent the letter to the prime minister of Kazakhstan Baktyzhan Sagintayev with a request to influence a situation, considering successful experience of the country in counteraction of HIV epidemic", - the Co-chairman of the Parents Union of ECUO of PLWH, the chairman of the board of Small Heart with Art public organization, Evgenia Smirnova, notes. 

In the letter of the Parents Union of ECUO of PLWH it is noted that "in most cases, HIV-positive children are the children born with HIV who are dependent on their grandmothers since parents have died of AIDS, or they were prevented from their guardianship. Families suffer of severe need since even the drive of the child by bus on inspection in the AIDS Centers creates cost loading, not to speak of qualitative food which is so necessary for the formed organism at intake of strong highly toxic medicines with the indication to lifelong application.

In society, unfortunately, the atmosphere of stigma and discrimination to such children with a HIV infection disease and to their families, continues to prevail".

As of March, 2017 in Kazakhstan disability is appropriated to only 270 of 445 HIV-positive children. The most part of children to whom disability is appropriated – 227, they live in the Southern Kazakhstan area. In this region the country treat HIV-positive children by exclusively original medicines, and the level of the social help conforms to high standards. By the decision of doctors of medico-social examination (MSE), they have been given the status " a disabled child up to the age of 16 years" that has allowed families of HIV-positive children to receive: from the republican budget monthly allowances on care of the disabled child and a disability pension of the child (in the sum - 59000 tenges a month); to use all additional benefits from the Republican and local budget and also programs for medical and social rehabilitation;

As a result, in the region during period of 10 years there is no AIDS mortality among children, there are no abandoned children, high compliance to treatment at the level of 90%.